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LED Fittings & Plasma Fittings

All Cema Lighting Limited LED and Plasma premier Light fittings carry a minimum warranty of 5 years or 50,000 hours, a number of LED and Plasma fittings now fall inside of our 7 year or 60,000 hour warranty, the fittings that are covered by this warranty are increasing every month as we develop the technologies in this area, all Cema Lighting Limited LED and Plasma warranties are on a replacement only basis, please enquire as to the 5 and 7 year range of products.

Induction Lighting Fittings

All Cema Lighting Limited induction light fittings carry an 8 year or 100,000 hour warranty, the first 5 years of this warranty is on a 5 year fit and forget basis this means complete piece of mind as all fittings are covered on a replacement and labour basis, this replacement will be carried out by our agreed nominated contractor or approved Cema Lighting Limited Installer.

A further warranty of 3 years is offered after the first 5 years on a replacement only basis for the Lamp and Ballast. This is the only light product in the UK that is offered with this warranty.

The warranty is offered on the following basis, any agreed critical lighting area will be attended within 4 normal working hours, if access equipment is required to remedy a solution and none is available Cema Lighting Limited will endeavour to install some form of temporary lighting.

Any agreed semi critical lighting will be attended to within 2 working days and any non-critical lighting will be replaced within a time frame agreed with the customer, any failure will be replaced within a 7 working day time frame.

Any Induction lighting that requires specialist access equipment or specialist scaffolding will not be covered under this warranty

Any replacements issued will be charged for if we do not receive the faulty product within 7 days of issuing replacements and these are issued on the basis that if after inspection it can be shown that the reason for the failure is not due to the product, they will be charged for.

All Induction Lighting must be installed by an approved Cema Lighting Limited installer, the certification process to become an approved installer is very simple and we will organise to train any installer at our training facilities either in Market Rasen or Nottingham, we will also organise one to one training at a customer’s premises.   


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Our aim is to bring to our customers the most energy efficient lighting products on the market today saving money and CO2.

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