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As Cema Lighting Limited offer Induction and LED lighting, we are able to provide non-biased advice on products that are tailored for your needs. For example:-

LED Lighting

LED light panels are now replacing the traditional 600mm x 600mm cat 2 recessed fittings. However most of the standard 600mm x 600mm LED panels are lit around the edge. This means that the light will not be completely even across the entire light panel. After short periods of time the edge remains bright and the centre will look dull.

Cema Lighting Limited have launched a revolutionary range of LED light panels. These panels are backlit which gives complete light uniformity across the panel. This range can also be ordered as dimmable. For most offices we would recommend a 40 watt backlit LED light panel. This would cut the running costs of a standard Cat 2 recessed fitting by over 60% after taking maintenance into account.

Induction Lighting

We launched our Fourth Generation of Induction lighting last year. This unique generation of lighting continues to go from strength to strength, providing the perfect lighting solution to most industrial and warehouse lighting needs. Fourth Generation Induction Lighting provides the lowest capital cost lighting solution coupled with the longest life of any light source.

During this coming year, we will be launching our next generation of Induction lighting. The new Induction lighting will not only be dimmable but a new option will be a unique wireless chip. This will enable the customer to control the lights remotely and also run a diagnostic programme to check the effectiveness of the lighting in the warehouse or the factory. This new revolution in lighting will even inform you of a potential failure allowing any pre-emptive maintenance to be performed.

LED and Induction Lighting

This year will also see the introduction of our new LED and Induction car park lighting and street lantern range. We are launching over 16 new styles with wattages from 20 watts to 200 watts, which should answer the needs of most local authorities. We have been working with a number of local authorities and have a number of pilot schemes planned for this next year.

Both Induction and LED technologies offer different solutions, neither technology can be classed as silver bullet to answer every problem but by combining them they will.

We offer a FREE comprehensive no obligation lighting audit. This will provide your company with accurate information regarding the type and number of your current luminaries, together with details of your current running costs. At the same time we will provide our recommendations to show how much can be saved using an energy efficient lighting system, both from a financial, maintenance and CO2 saving point of view. Most typical schemes have a return on investment of less than 2 years.

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Our aim is to bring to our customers the most energy efficient lighting products on the market today saving money and CO2.

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